June 23, 2024

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Capta Health Partners Launches Optimized Healthcare Revenue Ecosystem Management Model

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Market-proven contingency-based model boosts profit margins, improves patient satisfaction and enhances regulatory compliance for non-profit health systems.

CHICAGO, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Capta Health Partners, a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) optimization services, today unveiled its groundbreaking revenue ecosystem management solution, with Presbyterian Healthcare Services as their first partner.

Capta collaborates with provider clients and makes substantial investments in the health systems it serves to boost Net Patient Revenues (NPR) and increase patient satisfaction. Operating under a shared risk-reward model, Capta bases fees on achieving specific NPR performance targets.

“Our nation’s healthcare systems are under enormous pressures and need a new and innovative approach to help them maintain their autonomy and community focus,” said Jason Lerch, President and COO of Capta Health Partners. “We purpose-built Capta from the ground up to transform traditional revenue cycle approaches and deliver next-generation results. Capta helps non-profit healthcare systems optimize yield and achieve benchmark-crushing financial performance, without transitioning their employees, and without giving up their culture, their people, or their community relationships.”

In the first year of partnership, Capta and Presbyterian provided a 3% lift in net patient revenue beyond Presbyterian’s high-performing operations.

“Presbyterian’s purpose is to help our patients, members and communities achieve their best health,” said Dale Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer of Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “Optimizing our revenue cycle management is actually strengthening our ability to deliver on that important purpose. While we have built an industry leading revenue cycle for years, partnering with Capta has shown us another level of performance that is possible with technology innovation and enhanced management focus.”

Capta Health Partners was established in November of 2022. Eir Partners, an investment company focused exclusively on the dynamic healthcare and technology marketplace, and HumanityCorp, a public benefit corporation that empowers hospital systems to convert their back-office cost centers into valuable financial assets, came together to form EirHC Holdings. Capta Health Partners was subsequently formed as a joint venture between EirHC Holdings and Presbyterian Healthcare Services, a New Mexico-based, Integrated Delivery Network that is the state’s largest private employer, with more than 14,000 employees.

“We are on a mission to collaborate with best-in-class healthcare providers to build innovative companies,” said Abdul Hussein, Managing Partner at HumanityCorp. “Presbyterian Healthcare Service is a seven-time HFMA MAP App awarded, industry-leading integrated delivery network. They are an ideal provider to partner with in building a revenue ecosystem management company to leverage their true best-in-class RCM expertise.”

Eir Partners has provided funding and access to an extensive network of industry expertise and resources to enable Capta to scale its solution and execute a go-to-market strategy.

“Joining forces with Presbyterian has enabled us to assemble a dream team of innovators and experienced operators,” said John Woody, Operating Partner at EirHC Holdings.

“The early business results are impressive, and we are excited and ready to bring Capta’s capabilities to future healthcare clients,” said Brett Carlson, CEO of Eir Partners.

Having proved its thesis over the past 14 months, Capta is currently positioned to pursue broader segments of the healthcare services market, targeting non-profit health systems and mid-sized integrated delivery networks. 

About Capta Health Partners

Capta Health Partners is a new-path revenue ecosystem optimization company that helps non-profit healthcare systems achieve exceptional financial performance without compromising their culture or independent identity so that they can continue to function as a community-focused provider. In addition to systems and process optimization they also support providers in identifying and curating a revenue ecosystem. Capta believes that optimal RCM performance is achieved through combining internal performance optimization with skilled vendor ecosystem management.

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