June 24, 2024

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Discover how Academically is shaping the future of healthcare education beyond borders!

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Are you a healthcare professional dreaming of working in your dream country? If so, Academically is here to help you achieve your goals. With their comprehensive suite of exam preparation courses, mentorship programs, and career services, Academically empowers healthcare professionals from all over the world to successfully navigate the medical licensing process and land their dream jobs.
Dr Akram Ahmad, a Sydney-based PhD graduate in medicine, founded Academically after his own challenging journey navigating licensing exams and securing permanent residency in Australia. Witnessing the struggles of fellow healthcare professionals, he identified a critical lack of resources and support. Fueled by a deep desire to bridge this gap, Dr. Ahmad spent three years diligently crafting informative YouTube videos (Academically – by Dr. Akram Ahmad) to raise awareness. This passion project eventually blossomed into Academically, a comprehensive platform designed to empower medical professionals. From streamlining complex documentation to prepping for exams and easing registration, Academically simplifies the path to practice and settlement abroad.
Academically stands out as a leading institution for healthcare professionals. From doctors and dentists to nurses, pharmacists, and physiotherapists, the institute has become a trusted destination for healthcare professionals. Renowned for its exceptional courses, the platform meticulously crafts its curriculum to address the unique needs and demands of each diverse healthcare career seeking to flourish abroad. Committed to accessibility, Academically empowers individuals to pursue their career goals overseas with confidence.

The remarkable results of KAPS examinations for pharmacists

The consistently high success rates in the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) Exam highlight prowess in exam preparation. With results surpassing 90% for the third consecutive time, Academically demonstrates a steadfast commitment to excellence in pharmaceutical sciences education. This achievement showcases the institution’s expertise in providing effective and comprehensive preparatory programs, solidifying its reputation as a leading provider in the field. Academically’s impressive outcomes underscore its commitment to nurturing academic excellence and equipping students for success in their professional pursuits.
Unparalleled expertise in medical licensing exams
Academically boasts a team of experienced medical professionals and educators who have a deep understanding of the medical licensing requirements in Australia as well as a ton of other countries. They offer exam preparation courses for a variety of medical licensing exams.

  • Australian Medical Council (AMC) Exam for medical graduates (MBBS/MD/MS etc).
  • Australian Pharmacy Council’s KAPS Exam to become a registered pharmacist in Australia.
  • Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) Written Assessment for becoming a registered physiotherapist in Australia.
  • Australian Institute of Medical and Clinical Scientists (AIMS) exam for medical laboratory technicians.
  • Australian Dental Council Exam to become a registered dentist in Australia.
  • National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is an online course designed for professional nurses trying to migrate to Australia, the USA, and Canada.

Canada, United States of America (USA), and United Kingdom (UK):

  • The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Exam is a specialised online course tailored for pharmacists aspiring to make a career in Canada.
  • The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is an online course designed for professional doctors trying to do PG specialisation and migrate to the USA.
  • The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test is an online course designed for professional doctors trying to migrate to register and practice in the UK.

Other courses
In addition to medical licensing exam preparation courses, Academically also offers a variety of other courses, such as:

  • Clinical Research Professional
  • Medical Research Methodology
  • English Proficiency Test Preparation Courses (IELTS/PTE/OET)

Global reach
Academically courses and services are available to students from all over the world. They have offices in Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.
Their courses are designed to be rigorous and effective, covering all the essential knowledge and skills you need to pass your exams confidently.
They use a variety of teaching methods, including:

  • Live interactive sessions: Learn from expert instructors in real time and ask your questions directly.
  • Comprehensive study materials: Access high-quality study guides, practice questions, and mock exams to solidify your understanding.
  • Personalized mentorship: Get one-on-one guidance and support from experienced mentors who have successfully passed the exams themselves.

Supportive community and beyond

Beyond simply offering exam prep, Academically extends support to healthcare professionals new to a country. Recognising their unique challenges, they foster a supportive community and provide extra services for success. Whether it’s navigating cultural differences or finding resources, they go the extra mile to ensure newcomers feel welcomed and equipped to thrive.
Why choose Academically?
Academically stands alone as the world’s exclusive education technology platform designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Unlike any other, it delivers a holistic experience, guiding you every step of the way, from gathering essential educational documents to expert coaching for licensing exams. Their unwavering support extends to streamlining registration and navigating the migration process, empowering you to turn your dream of relocation into a thriving reality in your chosen country.
Academically boasts unmatched expertise with a team of seasoned professionals who consistently achieve success. Their comprehensive courses ensure you’re fully equipped to ace your exams. Personalised support is a priority, with one-on-one mentorship available to help you reach your goals. Engage with a supportive community of peers sharing your journey. Academically extends its expertise and personalised support to Indian healthcare professionals, offering them the same benefits others enjoy worldwide.
Invest in your future
Investing in your education and career is crucial for securing a successful future. By choosing Academically, you’re opting for top-notch support, increasing your chances of success. Whether it’s advancing your skills or pursuing higher healthcare education, this investment ensures a solid foundation for your professional growth. With Academically guiding you, you gain the confidence to navigate the complexities of your chosen path, setting yourself up for long-term success and fulfillment.
Contact Academically today to learn more about their services and how they can help you achieve your dreams!
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