June 24, 2024

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New Healthcare AI Partnership Aims to Transform Health Risk Assessments

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Treatment.com AI Inc. (TRUE:CSE; TREIF:OTCMKTS;939:FRA) has entered into a Collaborative Agreement with Health Care Services International Inc., operating as Novus Health, to integrate its proprietary Global Library of Medicine (GLM) into Novus Health’s Health Risk Assessment programs.

This partnership aims to leverage Treatment.com AI’s advanced healthcare AI engine, developed with input from hundreds of global healthcare experts, to enhance the services provided by Novus Health, a leader in health navigation, supporting over 1.5 million members. The collaboration will focus on the development and testing of new tools and solutions that could improve healthcare efficiency and patient outcomes.

AI In Healthcare: A Sector In High Demand

In June 2019, The National Center of Biomechanical Medicine spoke about AI’s future in healthcare. The report listed in the National Library of Medicine stated, “We believe that AI has an important role to play in the healthcare offerings of the future. In the form of machine learning, it is the primary capability behind the development of precision medicine, widely agreed to be a sorely needed advance in care.”

Four years later, AI’s place is ramping up quickly. In an August 24 report for Yahoo! Finance, Nvidia founder & CEO Jensen Huang was quoted as saying, “Demand for our data center platform for AI is tremendous and broad-based across industries and customers.” 

Huang added, “Our demand visibility extends into next year. Our supply over the next several quarters will continue to ramp as we lower cycle times and work with our supply partners to add capacity.”


The partnership between Treatment.com AI Inc. and Novus Health represents a significant catalyst in the expansion and enhancement of health risk assessment programs through advanced AI technologies. According to the company, this collaboration aims to incorporate Treatment.com’s proprietary Global Library of Medicine into Novus Health’s offerings, which is expected to transform the way health risks are assessed and managed for over 1.5 million members.

Dr. Essam Hamza, CEO of Treatment, noted the potential immediate impact of their AI diagnostic tools on Novus Health’s customer base. “We are very excited to partner with a recognized leading healthcare firm in Novus Health. There is a near-term opportunity to implement our proprietary AI diagnostic tools into the solutions offered to their vast customer base. However, with this collaboration, we also have an opportunity to extend into new mutually developed tools and solutions that have the ability to further improve health care efficiency and patient outcomes.”

Similarly, Jamie Marcellus, CEO of Novus Health, expressed enthusiasm for the integration of Treatment.com’s AI capabilities into their services. “We are excited about the potential for Treatment.com’s AI to augment our services. Their platform offers the possibility of unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in health risk assessments, drawing insights from vast data sets to detect patterns and predict potential risks. By leveraging these tools, our members can make better-informed decisions swiftly, enhancing care and enabling proactive interventions to mitigate health threats effectively.”

This collaboration not only aims to enhance existing health risk assessment programs but also to develop and test new joint commercial applications and solutions, reflecting a strategic push to influence the health insurance market significantly. The partnership thus stands as a mutual endeavor to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes through innovative AI-driven tools and assessments.

Expert Analysis: The Rise of AI 

On April 22, Technical Analyst Clive Maund highlighted the upward trajectory of Treatment this year, writing, “Treatment.com AI has done very well since it was recommended for purchase two months ago, rising by approximately 60%. In this update, we will see why its new bull market looks set not just to continue but to accelerate with the real possibility of spectacular gains ahead.”

Maund pointed out that the upswing has been going on much longer by explaining that the “AI healthcare market, valued at US$11 billion in 2021, is projected to be worth US$187 billion in 2030.”

He summed up his feelings about the stock’s long-term appeal by writing, “The conclusion is that this is an exceptionally bullish setup, both fundamentally and technically. So we stay long, and Treatment AI is rated as a Strong Buy here for all timeframes.” 

Ownership and Share Structure

According to Reuters, two insiders own 13.12%, or 4.87 million (4.87M) shares, of Treatment.com AI. They are Chief Medical Officer, Chairman, and Director Dr. Kevin Peterson, with 10.35% or 3.84M shares.

Retail investors own the remaining 86.88%. There are no institutional investors currently. 

The company has 39,243,518  million outstanding shares and 25,940,377 free-float traded shares. 

Its market cap is CA$24,330,981, and its 52-week trading range is CA$0.10 to CA$1.20 per share. 

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