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Six Ways Healthcare Administrators Benefit from an M.L.S. Program

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An M.L.S. program is designed for people without a legal background to better understand the nuances of the legal system. Because there are a variety of legal aspects of healthcare administration that come into play, having an M.L.S. degree can be an excellent way to level up in your career. 

So, what are some specific ways in which a Master of Legal Studies program can benefit current healthcare administrators? Let’s dive in.

Understanding Legal Principles and Legal Aspects of Healthcare

Across the healthcare industry, there are numerous laws and regulations that healthcare administrators need to be knowledgeable about. This includes regulations related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as other important laws meant to protect patient data and privacy.

Healthcare administrators are ultimately responsible for keeping their facilities within current healthcare compliance and regulation standards—and the foundational knowledge an M.L.S. program offers can help them do just that. Likewise, an M.L.S. program will cover other key legal principles and legal aspects of healthcare so that healthcare administrators can perform their jobs with a greater degree of confidence.

Elevate Leadership Skills

Completing an advanced degree program like an M.L.S. can also help healthcare administration professionals build upon their existing leadership skills. This is especially essential because healthcare administrators often serve as direct supervisors, managers, and other leaders in their respective facilities.

Specifically, healthcare administrators need to possess leadership skills such as:

  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • The ability to delegate tasks
  • Team building and collaboration
  • Data-based decision-making
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving

An in-depth degree program at the graduate level helps healthcare professionals expand these core skills to become more capable, confident leaders in the field.

Develop Skills in Compliance and Risk Management

Another central aspect of a healthcare administrator’s job is understanding legal principles in healthcare, particularly related to compliance and risk management. In this field, even non-lawyers need to be able to grasp concepts such as planning, auditing, reporting, and governance. Unfortunately, it only takes one small error or breach in data to result in major consequences for a healthcare facility.

healthcare administrator who is well-versed in risk management strategies will be better able to protect a facility from risks and errors that can have catastrophic outcomes. Meanwhile, healthcare administrators with a strong understanding of compliance and risk management standards can promote a greater sense of accountability and transparency in the workplace. All of this can lead to a healthier workplace culture.

Advance Career Opportunities in Healthcare Administration

Are you already working in healthcare administration but looking to take your career to the next level? A Master of Legal Studies and healthcare are more closely related than you might think. With this type of degree, you can explore your interests in the legal side of healthcare while building upon critical skills that may help you qualify for more career opportunities in your field.

Upon completing your degree, you might find that you’re able to qualify for promotions or other exciting roles—and that your resume stands out from other healthcare administrators who may not have a graduate degree.

Those with graduate degrees in legal studies with a healthcare track may go on to work as:

  • Clinical trial managers
  • Healthcare data analysts
  • Clinical directors
  • Biopharmaceutical managers

Compared to a bachelor’s degree alone, healthcare administrators with a master’s degree also have the potential to increase their earnings. Of course, a number of factors can affect the salary of a healthcare administrator—but the latest United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data reports that these professionals make a median salary of about $104,830 per year. Still, having a master’s has been found to boost earnings by an average of about 20%, so earning your M.L.S can be an ideal way to increase your salary or qualify for a higher-paying position.

Enhance Patient Care

While many people consider nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers as the most critical when it comes to patient care, the reality is that healthcare administrators can play a crucial role here as well. The decisions you make on a daily basis as a healthcare administrator—from scheduling to training—can have a trickle-down effect on the patients who receive care in your facility.

By completing an advanced degree program in legal studies as it relates to healthcare, you could make better-informed decisions that lead to improved patient care within your organization. With your education, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of key topics like healthcare risk management, information privacy, ethical foundations, and even advanced communication skills. The competencies you obtain from such a program can then be applied to your everyday work, enhancing your ability to oversee operations and optimize the quality of care that patients receive.

Access to a Network of Peers and Mentors

Last but certainly not least, completing an M.L.S program can help you grow your professional connections and, in turn, your career in ways you may have never thought possible. During your studies, you can develop professional relationships with not only other healthcare administrators and healthcare professionals but also instructors and mentors who can share valuable experience and guidance as you continue your journey in this dynamic field.

The connections you make during your graduate studies could lead to opportunities for growth down the road. Outside of the classroom, you may also have the chance to connect with peers and mentors at industry events and conferences. These are all professional relationships you might not otherwise have a chance to cultivate without enrolling in an advanced degree program.

In What Ways Can an M.L.S. Degree Improve a Healthcare Administrator’s Understanding of Legal and Ethical Issues in the Industry?

Completing an M.L.S degree can improve a healthcare administrator’s understanding of legal and ethical issues in the field in numerous ways. This includes achieving a more in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of healthcare administration, such as risk management and compliance. Additionally, this type of advanced degree program can help healthcare professionals elevate essential leadership skills and improve patient outcomes.

How Does an M.L.S. Compare to a Master’s in Healthcare Administration?

Compared to a master’s degree in healthcare administration, a Master of Legal Studies focuses more on the legal aspects of healthcare administration—including such topics as healthcare information privacy, cybersecurity, risk management, and ethical foundations.

Explore an M.L.S. Program Today

If you’re ready to enhance your understanding of healthcare administration, especially regarding legal aspects of the field, then pursuing a master’s degree in legal studies may be a logical next step for you. Of course, not all M.L.S programs are created equal. For the best results, you want to choose a program specifically geared toward the healthcare profession.

At the University of Miami School of Law, we’re proud to offer an MLS degree with a specialized healthcare administration track. As part of this program, you could build upon your compliance and risk management skills while growing your leadership abilities and much more. In addition, you can enjoy an online Master of Legal Studies curriculum that covers specialized healthcare topics such as risk management, cybersecurity, information privacy law, and hot topics in healthcare regulation.

Plus, this program is offered entirely online, so you don’t have to put your current career on hold to pursue your dreams. Get in touch today to learn more about our online Master of Legal Studies program and its healthcare administration track, or get started with your application today.





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