June 24, 2024

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We must guarantee greater sustainability of healthcare systems

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Live longer and better, be protected from an early age and at all stages of life, reduce the costs of illnesses and ensure greater sustainability of healthcare systems. He states it Marcello Cattani, president of Farmindustria, on the occasion of World Immunization Week. “Results are possible with prevention that depends on a healthy lifestyle, screening and also vaccines. Which are a fundamental tool for saving lives, 3,5-5 million people in the world every year, fighting the phenomenon of antimicrobial resistance and preventing some tumors. Today, available vaccines combat more than 20 pathologies. With a pipeline, according to Vaccines Europe data from August 2023, of 103 products in development by pharmaceutical companies in the EU. But not only. Considerable savings will be possible for the various healthcare systems, especially in a society that is becoming longer-lived, with an increase in average lifespan. In fact, by 2025, the over 50s will make up 50 percent of the European population. In Italy, every euro spent on adult vaccination generates a saving of 16 euros,” he underlines.

“And according to a recent study by the Office of Health Economics – adds Cattani – commissioned by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, vaccination programs for adults relating to four diseases – influenza, pneumococcus, respiratory syncytial virus and herpes zoster – can generate a return of more than $4.500 in economic and social benefits for each complete immunization cycle. A figure that can reach up to 19 times the initial investment. Health protection, economic growth and sustainability are inseparable. This is why, this week, the culture of prevention must be encouraged with synergistic action across the supply chain and a public-private partnership. The Italian government is doing very well and has recognized the strategic importance of health. Even more can be done to achieve the vaccination coverage objectives set by the National Vaccine Prevention Plan, the annual updating of the vaccination calendar with the available immunization tools and the implementation of the National Vaccination Registry, a tool that allows you to plan effectively vaccination campaigns and monitor their results”.

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