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Healthcare Workforce Management Market Hits $1.7B in 2024,

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Chicago, June 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In 2024, the global healthcare workforce management systems market reached a valuation of $1.7 billion. By 2029, this figure is anticipated to soar to $2.8 billion, marking a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.1% over the forecast period. The healthcare workforce management systems market, highly consolidated with the top five players holding nearly 75% market share in 2013, witnessed a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of [not specified] during that period. Kronos, Inc. and Infor, Inc. emerged as the market leaders, each with a significant market share of 30%-35% in 2013. Kronos boasted a diversified product portfolio spanning time and attendance, scheduling, analytics, HR, payroll, and talent management, while Infor’s dominance stemmed from its comprehensive industry-focused solutions and global presence across over 200 countries. The key strategies in this market included new product launches, acquisitions, agreements, and expansions. Alongside Kronos and Infor, other prominent players such as McKesson Corporation, SAP AG, Oracle Corporation, ADP Inc., and GE Healthcare contributed to the market landscape. To maintain their leadership positions, players emphasized innovation, R&D activities, and portfolio expansion. While organic growth strategies were pursued by some, mergers and acquisitions were favored by the majority to bolster their market presence and offerings.

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Global Healthcare Workforce Management Systems Industry Dynamics

Driving Force: Embracing Cloud-based Solutions

The healthcare industry is swiftly embracing cloud-based solutions for managing its workforce, drawn by the allure of cost-effectiveness and operational agility. The surge in global cloud IP traffic underscores this shift, propelling organizations from traditional on-premises systems to the cloud for streamlined management.

Restraint: Navigating Privacy and Data Security Challenges

While healthcare workforce management systems promise efficiency, they also bring forth concerns regarding privacy and data security. The easy accessibility of employee data heightens the risk of breaches, as evidenced by the alarming uptick in healthcare data breaches documented by the HIPAA Journal.

Opportunity: Harnessing Competition for Workforce Optimization

In the cutthroat healthcare arena, optimizing the workforce is paramount for cost-effectiveness and superior patient care. This creates a ripe opportunity for workforce management system providers to offer tailored solutions that cater to the escalating demand for streamlined workforce management in the sector.

Challenge: Overcoming Integration Hurdles

Integrating workforce management systems with existing healthcare information systems poses a formidable challenge, characterized by compatibility issues and the complexities of aligning technological solutions with organizational objectives. Successful integration demands meticulous planning, stakeholder engagement, and comprehensive training to surmount technical, operational, and cultural barriers.

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Hospitals Lead the Charge in Healthcare Workforce Management Systems Market

In 2023, hospitals emerged as the frontrunners in the healthcare workforce management systems market, spearheading industry growth. This dominance can be attributed to the escalating consolidation within the healthcare provider realm and the widespread adoption of workforce management systems globally. Recognized as indispensable tools for hospital operations, these systems facilitate seamless employee tracking and ensure optimal patient care delivery. The imperative to schedule skilled resources efficiently underscores their significance, as hospitals strive to enhance care quality and workflow optimization. Workforce management systems serve as vital instruments in mitigating complexities inherent in managing shift differentials and empowering healthcare administrators with real-time employee data analysis.

Large Enterprises Set to Command Healthcare Workforce Management Systems Arena

In 2024, large enterprises are poised to exert their dominance over the healthcare workforce management systems industry. As the need intensifies for robust workforce management solutions capable of driving organizational goals, large enterprises stand at the forefront of adoption. Their imperative to harness workforce management data for strategic insights propels the uptake of these solutions, positioning them as frontrunners in the market landscape.

North America Emerges as Epicenter of Healthcare Workforce Management Systems Market

North America emerged as the pivotal regional hub for the healthcare workforce management systems industry in 2023. The region’s supremacy, particularly within the US, stems from a confluence of factors including the presence of numerous large hospitals and health systems, evolving regulatory landscape, and surging demand for healthcare professionals. These dynamics collectively fuel market growth in North America, underscoring the region’s strategic importance and abundant opportunities within the healthcare workforce management systems domain.

Recent Developments of Healthcare Workforce Management Systems Industry

Cornerstone Introduces AI-Powered Workforce Agility Platform

In May 2024, Cornerstone unveiled Cornerstone Galaxy, an innovative AI-powered workforce agility platform designed to bridge the workforce readiness gap. This gap, exacerbated by the rapid pace of change in technology and markets, poses a challenge to organizational adaptability. The Workforce Readiness Gap Report, a collaborative effort with Lighthouse Research, underscores the widening gap, with a significant portion of enterprise leaders expressing concerns about workforce adaptability and the impact of AI on workplace dynamics.

Workday and Insperity Forge Partnership for HR Solution

February 2024 witnessed a strategic partnership between Workday, Inc. and Insperity, Inc., aimed at developing and marketing a comprehensive HR solution tailored for small and midsize businesses. This collaboration leverages Insperity’s expertise in workforce optimization, offering customers a holistic HR experience encompassing dedicated specialists, payroll, benefits, risk management, and compliance support, synergized with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) capabilities.

Infor Unveils Infor Clinical Science for Workforce Management

In February 2023, Infor introduced Infor Clinical Science, a groundbreaking addition to the Infor Workforce Management suite. This innovative application leverages evidence-based methodologies to assess patient workloads comprehensively, accounting for both direct and indirect tasks. By integrating data from electronic medical records (EMR), Infor Clinical Science empowers healthcare leaders with a holistic view of labor requirements, enabling informed decision-making at the shift, unit, or departmental level.

Strata Decision Technology Launches Real-Time Workforce Management Solution

January 2023 marked the launch of Strata Decision Technology’s Real-Time Workforce Management (RTWM) solution, a game-changer for nursing leadership. Built upon the robust StrataJazz platform, this solution equips nursing leaders with actionable insights aimed at aligning financial and operational objectives. By providing precise, real-time data, Strata Decision Technology fosters enhanced communication between leaders and staff, driving operational efficiency and quality care delivery.

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