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NHS-driven evolution in healthcare management

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London England - June 2, 2019: NHS National Health Service sign UK
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Peter Williams, CEO of SMS Tech (Smart Manufacturing Solutions Technology), walks us through NHS-driven evolution in healthcare management, an aspect of adapting excellence

In the vast landscape of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), a beacon of innovation is illuminating a path of promise. Here, in the intricate tapestry of patient care, a ground-breaking solution has emerged, a result of the unique needs of the Black Country Healthcare Foundation Trust (BCHFT) harmonising with the transformative prowess of SMS Technology.

NHS leveraging SMS Technology’s solution

The NHS’s distinct requirements have sculpted SMS Technology’s software into a formidable ally, redefining data orchestration, and efficiency, championing environmental stewardship, and optimising traceability.

Embracing the core principles of Safety, Environment, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Morale, this evolved system embodies excellence custom-tailored to the intricate fabric of healthcare.

Within the hallowed halls of the NHS, the symphony of data often faced discord as it traversed through various departments and environments. However, this new partnership marked a turning point where clinical staff on the wards and office managers could seamlessly collaborate.

With a deep understanding of the NHS’s unique nuances, SMS Tech’s system seamlessly integrated with the healthcare giant’s objectives, fostering a harmonious flow of unified data that transcended barriers, illuminating previously concealed insights. Through customised analytics, BCHFT can now precisely pinpoint issues through detailed, interactive, and personalised analytics.

By leveraging SMS Technology’s solution, the NHS experienced a cascade of efficiencies. What was once a fragmented data landscape transformed into an integrated canvas where key performance indicators resonated with precision. Notably, this pursuit of efficiency aligns seamlessly with the NHS’s commitment to reducing paper-based practices – a strategic step that not only streamlined operations but also resonated with environmental consciousness.

BCHFT is a testament to the symphony of collaboration, where the NHS’s distinct needs harmonised with SMS Technology’s ingenuity. Within the realm of SMS Technology’s Hospital Management system, the NHS found a solution and a responsive partner that catalysed a revolution in data dynamics, efficiency elevation, and a greener horizon for healthcare management.

Evolution of SMS Tech

SMS Tech (Smart Manufacturing Solutions Technology) emerged in 2021 through a partnership between SMS (Smart Manufacturing Solutions Ltd) and Scale Digital Ventures. The SMS team comprises experts in Quality, Compliance, Health & Safety, Operations, while Scale Digital Ventures brings a wealth of experience in software innovation, delivery, and support. This collaboration ensured that all essential areas of expertise were covered for developing and launching the Shop Floor Management system.

Originally designed and tested in the manufacturing sector, SMS Tech soon found its way to the maritime sector, where it garnered recognition at an innovation event hosted at the Port of Tyne in 2021. After successful beta testing with over 250 users, including compliance requirements from the Department of Trade, it proved to be a resounding success, prompting exploration of other sectors, including the public sector.

SMS Tech: The solution

At SMS Tech, we understand that hospitals handle a massive amount of data daily, but the flow of information often becomes fragmented and halted within various departments and staff. To address this challenge, our solution ensures the uninterrupted flow of data, providing full traceability and ensuring the fulfilment of key performance indicators (KPIs) with real-time data analytics.

Our solution is dedicated to improving the efficiency and overall performance of hospitals by reducing the time spent on non-value-added tasks. By integrating and managing all critical information required for hospital operations, our solution eliminates the reliance on paper-based tasks, reducing environmental waste and the hospital’s carbon footprint while also improving the team’s morale by removing duplication and administrative tasks.

Decarbonisation Commitment

We are committed to supporting hospitals in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Through our corporate partnership with Trees for Cities, we pledge to plant a tree for every hospital that adopts our solution. Additionally, we will plant an extra tree for every 10,000 forms processed through the system, symbolising the environmental impact of paper reduction.

NHS: evolution in healthcare Management

In conclusion, the NHS is witnessing a remarkable evolution in healthcare management, driven by the fusion of its distinct needs with the innovative prowess of SMS Technology. This partnership has birthed a responsive, efficient, and eco-conscious solution that promises to reshape the healthcare landscape. As the NHS continues its journey toward operational excellence, SMS Technology stands as a beacon of adaptability, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

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